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One of the major segments of the Archaeology Hour will be Archaeological Travel. Segment producer Rob Steele will be covering the host of opportunities around the world for tours to archaeological sites from active digs to monuments and sites such as the Egyptian Pyramids. Recently we discovered a different kind of ‘travel’ so compelling that we had to include it in our coverage. is a new site that offers absolutely spectacular photography of major destinations in Egypt. The site allows you to select a given feature — we have a screen shot of the temple of Kalabsha, once located at  Bab al-Kalabsha south of the Aswan Dam. When the dam was built, Germany funded a two year project to re-locate the temple above the waters of Lake Nasser.

Screenshot courtesy of of the Kalabsha Temple. The site offers spectacular 360 degree views of famous sites.
Screenshot courtesy of of the Kalabsha Temple. The site offers spectacular 360 degree views of famous sites.

The temple is a great example of Egyptian architecture in the Nubian region. It was built during the Roman occupation of Egypt in ca. 30 B.C., and features many fine reliefs showing the God Horus – and also inscriptions by Roman Governor Aurelius Besarion in 250 B.C. (it forbids pigs in the temple!). Some five hundred years later the Nubian King Silko recorded his victory in battle over a local tribe, complete with a fine carving of himself in Roman armor and on horseback. has done a remarkable job of recording the Temple and its carving in high res photography. Site navigation allows the viewer to zoom in on features and views, and then make 360 degree turns that gives the viewer the ‘feel’ of standing in the midst of the temple.

The Archaeology Hour is keen to promote travel to historical and archaeological sites–but not everyone can do so. offers an alternative, a rich visual virtual tour of the architectural wonders of Egypt.

Salma ElDardiry, of told the Archaeology Hour, “360fied is a project that is hoping to cover the entire Egyptian historical locations from ancient Egyptian era  and through Greek , Roman , Coptic and Islamic eras of the country. we’re based in Egypt and the main reason we started this website is to make these historical sites available to people from all over the world who will not get a chance to visit them in person. Having the chance to travel around the world for more archaeological sites is one of the goals of the project but that is linked to our ability to get some funding for this kind of work.”

We certainly hope does expand its coverage to other world heritage sites. If the Egyptian photography is anything to go by it will offer stunning visual access to these sites to generations of ‘visitors’ who might otherwise never be exposed to these ancient wonders – and the need to preserve them.

The Archaeology Hour will report on new sites added to 360fied’s portfolio as they come online.

Please visit them at




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