Saxon Hoard-Osiris Temple-Amphipolis Bones – and more

Saxon Hoard:

The British Museum (BM) is currently cleaning and evaluating the 5200 silver pennies found by Paul Coleman in Buckinghamshire, England. According to my sources at the Bucks county museum, the BM may have an announcement to make about the coins by February 10th. That is the day the BM issues its “Annual Treasure Report,” a document that details the previous year’s finds by avocationals through the British Isles.  Included may be the final evaluation of the coins. Brett Thorn, Keeper of Archaeology at the Bucks County Museum said, ” We do know that there are just over 5200 coins, and so far, all the cleaned coins are of Ethelred II and Cnut. They are all ion very good condition, due to having been buried wrapped in a lead container. The container did not survive well, but it preserved there coins.” The mainstream media has mentioned evaluations well over $1.5 million but, according to Thorn, no official figure has been issued yet.


Photo: Daily Mail UK-the coins as discovered.


Greek Bones:

Bone fragments have been recovered from the Amphipolis tomb being excavated in Macedonia. This important development means that researchers may be able to learn the sex and age of the person buried in the once magnificent complex within Kasta Hill near Seres, Greece. There is much speculation as to the burial. It dates to the time of the death of Alexander the Great–and since he was buried in Egypt (upcoming story) it is thought the person in the Amhipolis tomb may be that of Alexander’s mother Olympias. The Archaeology Hour is seeking an interview with Katerina Peristeri, the lead archaeologist for the project and developments will be posted here. A full interview will appear in The Archaeology Hour podcast. The website for the dig reports that a geoscan of the Kasta Hill indicates that there may be other burials within the mound. This opens up the possibility of other royal tombs–perhaps not targeted by looters.


Geoscan of Kasta Hill.

The archaeology hour podcast can be found at:

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  1. Are these going to be actual podcasts? or just these blogs.. Either way is OK with me… But if they are in podcast form – where’s the link? I’ve read all of them so far.. and LOVE them! it’s like having Nat. Geo or The Smith on my desktop!


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